The Aniticipation of Horror

Marc Straight : Sound of Fear

SEMINAR: by Marc Straight

The Anticipation of Fear examines examples from multiple horror venues and discusses how they use music, viewing angles, and lighting to fuel tense memorable moments. This class will give students a better understanding of how the scare is only as impactful as the set up for it. As Alfred Hitchcock said, “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”

Composer, sound designer, and creative director Marc Straight has been a part of the horror industry for over half of his life. Initially working as an actor in haunted attractions, he used his love of horror and passion for music to create dark symphonies with disturbing ambient designs. He has also pushed his limits in the world of video games. Working as a creative designer on seven titles, 6 of which lay close to the horror genre, he seeks to study and apply the driving forces of fear. Hailing from the zombie capital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Marc strives to represent his hometown of horror and be a part of the evolution of all things scary.