Sound of Fear

Marc Straight : Sound of Fear

SEMINAR: by Marc Straight

The Sound of Fear is a focused study in the evolution of sound in film and video games for the horror genre. The class covers in-depth how to use music and sound design to create realism and fear.

Marc Straight is a 26 year old composer from Pittsburgh, PA, that found his love of music very early on in life. At the age of four, he was already learning to play the piano. This would later evolve into the ability to play ten additional instruments; including the guitar, violin and various woodwinds. After high school, Marc went on to study at the Musician’s Institute in California; where he dedicated time and practice into learning how to compose his own music. To date, Marc has worked on various musical projects for himself and others. He currently has released two albums, titled “Create Your Path” and “Garden of Autumn”, as well as creating music and sound effects for games and film. Currently, he is the lead composer and producer behind Tien’s Nightmare; an indie game featuring a spirit named Tien, who must fight off nightmarish creations and restore order to the dream world.