ScareLA’s Dark Cabaret

PERFORMANCES : Tease your dark imaginations at ScareLA with performances by the sinfully seductive, monstrously horrific, the bizarre and flat-out unbelievable. Featuring rare and gruesome acts by: Post MortemFreakshow DeluxeAce The Rockabilly MagicianRachael RougarouxDangerous DBazoo the KlounLiv Southard. Here’s just a taste:

Post Mortem : We believe it is the unseen that can incite the mind and excite the body.We aim to break our culture’s narrow definition of beauty through traditional burlesque with story driven performances. We coax the skeletons out of your closet and make them dance. All it takes is the slightest suggestion, a mere hint of skin, and the imagination does the rest; that is the art of the tease. 

Freakshow Deluxe : Hollywood’s Own & ONLY Carnival-style Sideshow, FreakShow Deluxe hits the stage like a raucous freight-train – full of sexy performers, stunning visuals and a sense of humor. Like the voice from a bygone era, FreakShow Deluxe is a dark vaudevillian extravaganza that keeps spectators coming back for more. It is about the REAL – flesh and blood; pain and pleasure; flame, fire and sharp pointy things! With this company of entertainers, the impossible becomes possible.
Liv Southard : is a 15 year old actress and contortionist with a devoted love for all things horror. Witness her incredible display of bending and twisting that resembles that of someone undergoing an exorcism.