Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Presents: “BELIEVE”

INSTALLATION & LIVE PERFORMANCE : Robert Ripley shared his life´s goal with us all. Ripley was passionate about bringing the WEIRD and UNUSUAL to those that could not come to it, so he traveled the world, collecting Curioddities to share.This year, Ripley’s celebrates 98 years of proudly freaking out families, continuing that Legacy. We are honored to present four ICONS of the Ripley’s heritage only at ScareLA this summer: a genuine shrunken human head, a two-headed, three-footed bird, a “genuine” vampire killing kit and more!

BEST OF ALL: Meet George the Giant! 7’2” sword swallower George the Giant is the Hollywood Odditorium’s ICON; the stunt performer has become famous for stomach-churning performances, such as hammering nails into his face, swinging puppies from fish hooks in his eyes, and sword swallowing!

Ripley’s is proud to participate in ScareLA. We will be donating two Curioddities Gift Bags, as well as TEN sets of adult tickets for the ScareLA giveaways!