Reel Guise Cosplay: Cosplay 101. “I Don’t Even Know Who I Want to Be!”

David Schoelen : Reel Guise Cosplay

SEMINAR: by David Schoelen

Cosplay is more than just putting on a costume; it is the recreation of a character. Our fans and followers are often curious about how we got started, how we build our costumes, and how they can begin to recreate a character of their own. In this fun, informative, and interactive workshop, Reel Guise will help the ‘cosplay newbie’ and the ‘cosplay curious’ feel more confident as they step into the world of becoming someone else. Our Reel Guise crew will have you experiment with the Reel Guise Cosplay Character Generator to bring your cosplay ideas to life; review basic horror FX make-up techniques with products you can buy at your local party store; and, give you the inside scoop on searching for screen perfect costume pieces. At the heart of cosplay is – play! Come and have a good time!

David Schoelen (Founder of Reel Guise Cosplay) has been a horror aficionado since childhood when he would start building sets in June for the front porch of his family’s Halloween. Raised on Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Kruger – dark imagination and creativity were familiar. David took that passion for horror and all things nerdy and founded Reel Guise Cosplay in 2013, the nation’s largest, most screen accurate The Walking Dead cosplay troupe. In their brief time together, Reel Guise has been recognized by placing or winning seven cosplay competitions and has appeared in both local and national media.