LIVE SHOW : Welcome to NILBOG (that’s GOBLIN spelled backwards) presented by 2cents TheaterTroll 2, the BEST worst movie ever, is now a live interactive musical! NILBOG has all the attitude of Rocky Horror Picture Show with all the green blood you can handle – popcorn, silly string and outrageously scary humor.

Featuring a killer original soundtrack including We’re All Vegetarians in Nilbog, You Can’t Piss on Hospitality and Damn You Stonehenge, this wild new Best Worst Musical will have you screaming, OH MY GOOOOOOOOD!

ScareLA is proud to present NILBOG as a Fringe Extension partner. Showtimes during the convention are:

Saturday, Aug 6 –  4:30p
Sunday, Aug 7 – 2:30p
Sunday, Aug 7 – 5:00p