Newbie Home Haunter Tips For Success

Dr. Bill Ramsay : Dr. TerrorEyes

SEMINAR: by Dr. Bill Ramsay/Dr. TerrorEyes

Are you looking for ways to take your Home Haunt to the next level? If so, then let “Dr. TerrorEyes” (Dr. Bill Ramsay) provide you with the cure your ailing Home Haunt needs. If you are looking for help, ideas, resources, and guidance on what to do to scare and entertain in your Home Haunt, then let the kind Doctor prescribe suggestions. His 42 years of Haunt experience may provide the perfect therapy! This class will also provide suggestions about creating unusual props and decorations at home. Resources, support sites and networking sites dedicated to Halloween enthusiasts and Home Haunters will be shared. “Dr. TerrorEyes” will help attendees find inspiration and tools to transform a “Wal-Mart” yard to a spooky Home Haunt worthy of the talk of the neighborhood. Seminar attendees will also be eligible for his several door prize drawings.

Bill Ramsay AKA Dr. Terror Eyes is a Halloween Enthusiast, Home Haunter and Halloween Prop Builder of 40 years; Co-creator and co-manager of Ocala, FL “Fear Fest” commercial haunted attraction in 2011. For several years a Halloween Prop-Building Course instructor and presenter of Halloween-related seminars at: HAuNTcon, TransWorld, Canadian Haunted Attraction Conference, Halloween Extreme, Midwest Haunters Convention, National Haunters Convention, and Florida Haunters Annual Ocala Make-n-Take/Social. Since 2010, acting host and coordinator of the annual Ocala “Florida Haunters Annual Make-n-Take/ Social” event; member since 2007; Florida Haunters member since 2007; Creator of “Halloween Propaholics” online Skype discussion sessions; Member of Haunted Attraction Association; Awarded “Best Prop” at Halloween Extreme in Orlando (2013); Awarded “Best Costume” at Moshi’s “Stockade-2” event in Orlando during Halloween Extreme (2013).