Moving from a Yard Haunt to a Walk-Through Experience

Roger Hayes : Home Haunting for Mere Mortals

SEMINAR: by Roger Hayes

Your haunt has outgrown the front yard. You have established a fan base and are ready to “take it to the next level.” Let’s move from a ‘Halloween Display’ to more of a ‘Haunted House Walk-Through Experience,’ complete with thrills, chills, and scares. Don’t waste your hard work; instead, spend the time to craft the experience, time your scares, and give them something to scream about! In this lively session, Roger Hayes will explain how to use fear creatively to move the guests where you want them in the haunt. Attendees will learn how to design their haunt with an artist’s eye. Learn what to expect when dealing with local city officials and Fire Marshals. Learn how to haunt safely, entertain, and bring them back for more.

Roger Hayes is the creator and driving force behind Hayes Haunt, recipient of the Home Haunter award in 2011 for a Vanguard level walk through haunt. He is also the author of the how-to book “Home Haunting for Mere Mortals”. Roger has a degree in Physics with an emphasis in Computer Science and Engineering, but his first love is art. He works in many mediums including stained glass, painting, and sculpting. Combined with his love of Halloween and attraction to all things dark or quirky, creating Haunted houses became a natural pathway. Unable to quell his twisted imagination he continues to birth creepy works of art and haunted house ideas.