Mind Games: The Dark Side of VR

SECOND STAGE : Can VR help us explore and conquer our fears, or is it a little too real? 

Virtual Reality is a new frontier of entertainment, and many are excited to see what thrills this immersive, 360 medium can provide, especially when applied to horror. However, some experts believe VR is a controversial format for fright blurring the line of real and unreal and causing lasting psychological effects. Panelists Marientina Gotsis, Director at the USC Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center, Erin Reynolds, creator of the bio-feedback horror game Nevermind, and Andrew Goldstein, creator of Otherworld Interactive, will be joined by moderator Julian McCrea (Dr. WhoPortal Entertainment), who premiered the world’s first thriller for the iPad, to explore the light and dark side of VR and the emerging new trend of fully immersive horror in the digital space.