Introduction to Make-up Prosthetics & Mask Making

Steve Neill : Ghostbusters : Star Trek

SEMINAR: by Steve Neill

Mr. Neill, a veteran of Visual Effects and Make-up from Star Trek to GhostBusters will take you through a journey which will include life masks, sculpting, mold making, producing a prosthetic or mask from latex/foam rubber and even silicone. He will also show you how the make-up is applied and cover mask making.

Steve Neill is a special effects makeup artist, filmmaker, puppeteer, model maker and visual effects (VFX) artist in film and television with a career spanning over 35 years. Steve’s plethora of credits include Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Crater Lake Monster (1977), Laser Blast (1978), Ghost Busters (1984), Fright Night (1985), and many other sci-fi/horror films. Steve created, wrote, and produced The Day Time Ended (1978). Steve Neill is currently in production at SNG Studio for “But Something is There” produced by Steve Neill, Paul Gentry, Whitley Strieber and Mary Cacciapaglia. SNG Studio also has an apprenticeship program where Steve is mentoring the next generation of movie-making artist and giving back to an Industry he loves. Steve Neill continues to work in the industry and owns SNG Studio in Ventura, California just 45 minutes North of Los Angeles.