Horrifyingly Easy Scary Costume Distressing

Dr. Bill Ramsay : Dr. TerrorEyes

SEMINAR: by Dr. Bill Ramsay/Dr. TerrorEyes

No respectable zombie or scare actor wants be seen in pristine clothing!! Listen as Halloween zealot “Dr. TerrorEyes” (Dr. Bill Ramsay) provides you with the some tips, tricks, ideas, and effects you need to make your living-dead actor or prop look like just he/she just clawed themselves out from six feet beneath a granite headstone.

You will see samples of techniques to age, decay, distress, bloody-up, and grubby-up your squalid costume’s clothing. Hey, this isn’t a “learn how to cut cloth with scissors” course! You’ll get details, an up-close look and a course handout that will inspire you. (You’ll even learn the secret importance of using a common shovel.) Let the Doctor’s 42 years of Haunt experience provide you with the insight and ideas to create truly gruesome clothing. To add to the fun, course attendees are also eligible for several door prize drawings throughout the presentation.

Bill Ramsay AKA Dr. Terror Eyes is a Halloween Enthusiast, Home Haunter and Halloween Prop Builder of 40 years; Co-creator and co-manager of Ocala, FL “Fear Fest” commercial haunted attraction in 2011. For several years a Halloween Prop-Building Course instructor and presenter of Halloween-related seminars at: HAuNTcon, TransWorld, Canadian Haunted Attraction Conference, Halloween Extreme, Midwest Haunters Convention, National Haunters Convention, and Florida Haunters Annual Ocala Make-n-Take/Social. Since 2010, acting host and coordinator of the annual Ocala “Florida Haunters Annual Make-n-Take/ Social” event; HalloweenForum.com member since 2007; Florida Haunters member since 2007; Creator of “Halloween Propaholics” online Skype discussion sessions; Member of Haunted Attraction Association; Awarded “Best Prop” at Halloween Extreme in Orlando (2013); Awarded “Best Costume” at Moshi’s “Stockade-2” event in Orlando during Halloween Extreme (2013).