Hollywood Horrors Museum

INSTALLATION : Only at ScareLA this summer The Hollywood Horror Museum is combining dark powers with The Hollywood Sci-fi Museum to present a display of on-screen nightmares and fantastic tech up close and personal unlike anything you have ever seen!

Relive some of your favorite scary movie moments with brilliant props and art in attendance: Thriller Zombie, Doctor Who TARDIS, Walking Dead, Star Trek The Next Generation Bridge, King Kong, Robby the Robot, Oblivion Bubbleship, Rocket Man, and other props from Men in Black, Creature from the Black Lagoon and more.

The much anticipated Hollywood Horror Museum is being developed in Los Angeles and promises to be a thrill examining what frightens us and why from award-winning TV like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead through cult films like The Exorcist and Paranormal Activity. Be among the first to experience its rapidly growing collection at ScareLA!