Preston Meyer : Haunter : Rotten Apple 907

SEMINAR: by Preston Meyer

A basic talk on making and understanding Pneumatic systems for Haunts. This class will demonstrate what you need to know about air driven props for Home Haunts, Pro Haunts, or Yard Displays. We go over various cylinders, solenoids, air compressors and hook-ups for a typical haunt pneumatic layout. You will leave with a basic knowledge of pneumatics and enough understanding of the various parts to feel comfortable working with and buying pneumatic components.

Preston Meyer is from Rotten Apple 907, a home haunt which started off as child’s birthday party and has grown to become an experience that people look forward to attending each year. Now it is designed and built by all the members of the Meyer family as well as a terrific group of individuals who volunteer their time and building and acting skills. Over the years, the group has dedicated a lot of time and effort to learning how to make our haunt even better, going from a yard display to full home haunt. As a result, each year’s house is more detailed and exciting, and the number of people attending our Haunted House increases. In 2015 we welcomed over 3000 people through the doors of our Haunted House, and we look forward to welcoming much more. After more than 25 years, Rotten Apple 907 has become one of the top rated haunts in Southern California with many Halloween Bloggers.