Creating Sets & Scenes on a Budget

Melissa Winton : The Magic of Transforming Foam Into Copper

SEMINAR: by Melissa Winton

With cost effective and practical applications, Melissa “Hauntzilla” Winton brings you the psychology behind developing realistic sets and scenes within your haunt transporting your audience into your world. By creating a cohesive environment that tells a story, your audiences will be captivated, and thus, much more susceptible to the scares within.

Melissa “Hauntzilla” Winton owned and operated the charity home haunts ‘Terror on the Hill’ and ‘The Dead Zone’ in Frisco, TX for four years, where she was in charge of set design, prop creation, among other roles. Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Melissa’s production company, produces sets for haunted attractions across the country. Beyond her substantial art background, she is also a published author for the psychological horror short stories genre. Acting as co-owner of Haunt Shirts LLC, Melissa provides original designs and acts as a print service for haunted attractions and vendors.