Steve Koci : Haunt Forum : Garage of Evil

SEMINAR: by Steve Koci

This presentation will introduce you to the wonderful world of animatronics with actual prop examples as well as video. We’ll discuss the different methods of adding movement to your props and cover some of the ways to control them. Included in the discussion will be various 12V and 110V motors, servos and pneumatics as well as some others types that you may not have considered. We’ll cover the basics but will provide plenty of info for the more advanced haunter as well.But beware, once you give your props the ability to come alive, there’s no going back! Learning Objectives: Participants will leave the course with a basic understanding of the various methods available to animate a Halloween prop. They will know where to purchase the materials necessary to build their projects and the cost differences between the many alternatives. Attendees will receive information on resources available to further their education in the subject of constructing moving props.

Steve Koci, who goes by the name of ‘Halstaff’ on the forums and YouTube, is an avid home haunter who also writes for Nuts and Volts and Servo magazines. For over a year, he has written a column in “Servo Magazine” on “Do It Yourself Animatronics.” Koci participates in several different Make and Take groups where he frequently leads the builds and is a moderator at Haunt Forum and Garage of Evil. He has shared his knowledge by teaching at various Haunt Conventions including Transworld, Scare LA, and HauntX. He and his wife began haunting seven years ago and put on the haunt Sanctuary of Spooks in San Diego, which is entirely staffed by animatronics. They’ve built and costumed all the props and focus on a “Spooky” theme without blood and gore. They employed over 45 animatronics and projections in their haunt last year and had plans to add more in the coming year. In addition to building all of the props, he also designs and builds most of the controllers that operate the haunt.