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Ken Franklin : FaceFX : Airbrush Extraordinaire

SEMINAR: by Ken Franklin

I will discuss the process my wife and I went through to streamline our makeup department so that we could control quality and get out of the critical path for our haunt’s production schedule.  I will discuss our solution and how it involved equipment and procedure decisions that are easily scalable to any size haunt.

Ken Franklin has been a special effects makeup artist for over 20 years. He has held makeup department head positions at several northern California haunted events and trained makeup teams across the country.  Ken and his wife Bernice run an effects makeup business – FaceFX (facefxmakeup.com) which specializes in providing airbrush equipment and supplies as well as contract makeup services to events, video, and Film. Ken has authored articles on makeup application and efficient makeup room management in magazines such as Hauntworld and Airbrush Techniques. Ken’s resume as a makeup artist also  includes several award winning independent shorts as well as the Troma’s feature, Poultrygeist.