Like the forgotten reel of an 80’s slasher, Olivia sprints through the woods, axe in hand on Halloween night. Running from two masked killers (Babyface and Baghead) she is finally confronted and dragged to deaths’ door. The night takes a shocking turn as some friends come out to play and the film comes to a bloody climax.



Liam Banks : SuperFreak Media : Director

About the Director:

Born in Nottingham and still residing in the UK, Liam Banks has been making films since he was 15, holding a particular affinity for the horror genre. Liam just recently graduated with a first class honours degree from the University of Derby in film production. Liam has a wealth of experience in the short film world having already debuted his work in Mexico, Canada, Germany and the famous Chinese Theatre in LA. Liam’s work is laden with a nostalgic flare, referencing the classic genre films he loves building an evergrowing following with SuperfreakMedia online.