2016 Experiences

Over 50 scare creators performer and experiences will be available for guests at the biggest and baddest ScareLA to-date. This year we have really outdone ourselves and taken our scare game to the next level. Enjoy mini-haunts, immersive horror experiences, theater shows, music, escape rooms, gaming and more! Below are just a few highlights to wet your bloodthirsty appetites. We don’t want to overwhelm you with awesome so we will be announcing our horrific experiences bit by bit. Be sure to sign up for our e-mail list in the footer of this page or follow us on social media for updates and check back often!


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scarela haunt maze original knotts brooke walters steven spielberg donald julson professor pizza
Premier Haunt Maze

Blood Offering : Legend of the Iron Witch


Get Ready for BLOOD OFFERING, ScareLA’s First-ever Original Haunt! This August Our Biggest and Darkest Terrors Will Come to Life around YOU! We’ve joined dark forces with two legendary haunt designers to deliver our biggest scare yet! Maze master Brooke Adair Walters is responsible for some of the most terrifying moments of Knott’s Scary Farm‘s history with her work on Doll Factory, Trick Or Treat, and ForevermoreDonald Julson is the prop maker behind Steven Spielberg‘s sci-fi classic Minority Report and Van Helsing as well as a home haunter to be reckoned with. Poster Art by: Professor Pizza of AXESLASHER

This August, your path to salvation or sacrifice will depend on what choices you make inside the cold dark chambers of BLOOD OFFERING : Legend of the Iron Witch. Every visceral pulse pounding scare in this immersive terror simulation over four times the size of any scare experience at ScareLA to-date!

“Bring forth your offerings; your devotion, your blood, your soul for eternal life. Are you willing?” — Excerpt from the recently unearthed “BOOK OF THE WILLING”


Scrarela halloween convention horror haunt haunted house the rope screenshot productions
Mini-haunt Experience

Mini-haunt : The Rope

MINI HAUNT : Only at ScareLA this summer Screenshot Productions presents THE ROPE, an immersive horror experience taking you through the darkest moments of waking life utilizing sensory deprivation and physical/emotional tests to challenge your sanity. Hold on to your last string of salvation… Inspired by From Software’s Dark Souls series, and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

scarela creep la halloween haunt haunted house experience horror david lynch stanley kubrik sleep no more
Mini-haunt Experience

Mini-haunt : Creep LA

MINI HAUNT : Only at ScareLA this summer, CREEP LA will preview their latest attraction ENTRY, inspired by cinematic styles from directors (David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick & Ti West) and influenced by productions like Sleep No More & Then She Fell. Experience a taste of ENTRY before the haunt season ONLY at ScareLA! “ONE OF THE CLOSET THINGS TO FEELING LIKE YOU’RE IN A HORROR MOVIE” (Nerd Reactor)

scarela heretic horror haunted house experience
Mini-haunt Experience

Mini-haunt : H E R E T I C

MINI HAUNT : Only at ScareLA this summer, H E R E T I C presents “THE DESCENT”, a walk through a nightmare fragmented in real time to test your nerves. Returning for their 3rd year at ScareLA they promise that this exclusive experience will give you a sample of how HERETIC cerebrally pushes guests to their limits. Do you have what it takes?

scarela escape room experience horror mobile
Escape Room Experience

Escape Room : 3 Experiences by Mobile Escape Room LA

INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE : Only at ScareLA this summer, Mobile Escape Room LA premiers two new escape room experiences… on wheels! Mobile Escape Room LA is a spooky puzzle game inside of a former tour bus. The basic story line is that you’re participating in a sleep study. However, it doesn’t take too much time to realize your gentle researchers have sinister plans and you’ve got to escape them before it’s too late. Once you’re inside the bus, you’ve got about 40 minutes to solve your way out. The previous sleep patients were apparently not so lucky, but they have left some clues to help you evade a grisly fate. Enjoy not one but THREE mobile escape room experiences from Mobile Escape Room LA this August only at ScareLA!

zombie ballet scarela
Dance Performance

Zombie Ballet “A Sweet Sorrow”

PERFORMANCE: Leigh Purtill presents Zombie Ballet: Leigh Purtill is a ballet instructor, choreographer and coach in the Los Angeles area.  She is also a published novelist with a Master’s degree in Film Production from Boston University.

Zombies are Leigh’s passion so it was only natural that she would try to put “ballet” and “the undead” together. She has been developing a full-length story ballet called “Sweet Sorrow” that is a sequel to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and takes place after the main characters die. “Zombie ballet” is a brief glimpse into that ballet. All of Leigh’s dancers are her students and they all share the same love of zombies and unconventional approach to ballet.

zombie apocalypse shooting gallery game arcade scarela
Interactive game (Showfloor)

Zombie Apocalypse Shooting Gallery

INTERACTIVE : Test your skills and zombie-killing instincts on the ScareLA showfloor and earn prizes faster than you can say brainzzz…

Warning : failire to shoot a zombie, could result in torn linbs, eaten hearts or turning into a walking dead.

Twisted Scare
MINI-HAUNT Experience

Twisted Scare : The Seance

INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE : Twisted Scare presents “The Seance,” only at ScareLA this summer! Imagine if you will: Entering an old house to contact the dead. Perhaps for a dare, for desperation, or for the thrill. But, what if you succeed? How do you escape when the spirits reach out for you?

Twisted Scare is family owned special effects and prop house for haunted attractions. Their work is seen over the last 4 years in ‘Field of Screams Haunted Stadium’ and we’re proud to have them return to ScareLA to unleash more mayhem.

Garden Homes - street
MINI-Haunt Experience (Vault of Darkness)

“Garden Homes” Mini-haunt by Albert Reyes

MINI HAUNT : Albert Reyes is a contemporary street artist who creates haunted attractions as art installations in museums and even his own backyard. Enjoy an installation of “Garden Homes” by Albert Reyes at ScareLA this August!

“I built my maze because I am a fan of horror movies and haunted attractions. I also look at it as a work of art – as an installation. Using props, lighting, and sound; I create an environment that uses horror as an escape from the horror of the real world.”

– Albert Reyes

3D painting scarela debbie karnival
Mini-haunt Experience

Debi Cable’s “3D” Blacklight Experience : Dark Karnival

INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE : 3D MAZE : Debi Cable‘s “3D” Blacklight Experience presents : Dark Karnival” a themed Installation for Scare LA 2016!  

Amazing Halloween themed Murals become alive in 3D under the magic of blacklight!!! 3D elements come to life all around you… daring you to find discover… what’s real and what’s in your imagination.

Debi Cable has created 3D attractions for the Playboy Mansion Halloween party, Maxim, at music festivals, museums and private parties. Put on your 3D glasses and prepare to have your mind blown!

George the Giant - Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Enjoy All Weekend Long

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Presents: “BELIEVE”

INSTALLATION & LIVE PERFORMANCE : Robert Ripley shared his life´s goal with us all. Ripley was passionate about bringing the WEIRD and UNUSUAL to those that could not come to it, so he traveled the world, collecting Curioddities to share.This year, Ripley’s celebrates 98 years of proudly freaking out families, continuing that Legacy. We are honored to present four ICONS of the Ripley’s heritage only at ScareLA this summer: a genuine shrunken human head, a two-headed, three-footed bird, a “genuine” vampire killing kit and more!

BEST OF ALL: Meet George the Giant! 7’2” sword swallower George the Giant is the Hollywood Odditorium’s ICON; the stunt performer has become famous for stomach-churning performances, such as hammering nails into his face, swinging puppies from fish hooks in his eyes, and sword swallowing!

Ripley’s is proud to participate in ScareLA. We will be donating two Curioddities Gift Bags, as well as TEN sets of adult tickets for the ScareLA giveaways!

Hollywood horror museum scarela magee fx knb mike hill
Museum Hours: 11-7pm on Sat and 11-6pm on Sunday

Hollywood Horrors Museum

INSTALLATION : Only at ScareLA this summer The Hollywood Horror Museum is combining dark powers with The Hollywood Sci-fi Museum to present a display of on-screen nightmares and fantastic tech up close and personal unlike anything you have ever seen!

Relive some of your favorite scary movie moments with brilliant props and art in attendance: Thriller Zombie, Doctor Who TARDIS, Walking Dead, Star Trek The Next Generation Bridge, King Kong, Robby the Robot, Oblivion Bubbleship, Rocket Man, and other props from Men in Black, Creature from the Black Lagoon and more.

The much anticipated Hollywood Horror Museum is being developed in Los Angeles and promises to be a thrill examining what frightens us and why from award-winning TV like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead through cult films like The Exorcist and Paranormal Activity. Be among the first to experience its rapidly growing collection at ScareLA!
Wand Battle
Interactive Experience (Conference Center Basement of Horrors)

Witch Wand War, The Curse of the Coven : The Game

INTERACTIVE GAME : Only at ScareLA : Brush up on your spells and get ready for our new interactive game – Witch Wand War! Will victory belong to the light or the dark? Join the world’s most notorious witches in an epic battle. The outcome is up to YOU!

Presented in collaboration with our awesome friends – Gantom Lighting & Controls and Reel Guise Cosplay
Please note the game schedule:
Saturday, August 6
11:00 am to 12:00 pm: Game Registration
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm: Game Shift 1
3:00 pm to 5:30 pm: Game Shift 2
Sunday, August 7
11:00 am to 12:30 pm: Game Registration
12:30 pm to 3:00 pm: Game Shift 1
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm: Game Shift 2
ScareLA's Dark Cabaret freakshow deluxe burlesue
Various Show Times Throughout the Weekend (Vault of Darkness)

ScareLA’s Dark Cabaret

PERFORMANCES : Tease your dark imaginations at ScareLA with performances by the sinfully seductive, monstrously horrific, the bizarre and flat-out unbelievable. Featuring rare and gruesome acts by: Post MortemFreakshow DeluxeAce The Rockabilly MagicianRachael RougarouxDangerous DBazoo the KlounLiv Southard. Here’s just a taste:

Post Mortem : We believe it is the unseen that can incite the mind and excite the body.We aim to break our culture’s narrow definition of beauty through traditional burlesque with story driven performances. We coax the skeletons out of your closet and make them dance. All it takes is the slightest suggestion, a mere hint of skin, and the imagination does the rest; that is the art of the tease. 

Freakshow Deluxe : Hollywood’s Own & ONLY Carnival-style Sideshow, FreakShow Deluxe hits the stage like a raucous freight-train – full of sexy performers, stunning visuals and a sense of humor. Like the voice from a bygone era, FreakShow Deluxe is a dark vaudevillian extravaganza that keeps spectators coming back for more. It is about the REAL – flesh and blood; pain and pleasure; flame, fire and sharp pointy things! With this company of entertainers, the impossible becomes possible.
Liv Southard : is a 15 year old actress and contortionist with a devoted love for all things horror. Witness her incredible display of bending and twisting that resembles that of someone undergoing an exorcism.
ScareLA's Haunted Campsite Wicked Lit TAPS
Various Showtimes Sat 11am - Sun 6pm

ScareLA’s Haunted Campsite

EXPERIENCE : How did people scare each other back before haunts? Stories around the campfire, of course! ScareLA has teamed up with the brilliantly spooky masterminds of Wicked Lit theater company and The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) West professional paranormal investigators with decades of haunting history (seen on Syfy‘s “Ghost Hunters“) to present “ScareLA’s Haunted Campsite” – an immersive atmospheric scare experience for all ages where the real and the surreal become one.

Sit around the fire and take a flight of the imagination with our hosts and even witness real documented evidence of paranormal activity. Other surprises will be revealed in the dark so tread carefully and enter the haunted woods at your own risk…

The Tension Experience interactive immersive OOA Institute
SAT Aug 6: 11:30-12:30 (Second Stage)

The Tension Experience

SECOND STAGE : Only at ScareLA: The Tension Experience has Blumhouse.com “looking over their shoulder” and Dread Central declaring: “it is getting darker and stranger by the day. What happens next is anyone’s guess.”  At ScareLA mysterious representatives of the OOA Institute explain why complete submission and indoctrination into their… movement is the only true path to enlightenment.

The OOA Institute knows that you are often confused and lost in this strange and unusual world we find ourselves in these days… For the first time, the OOA will also address their detractors’ preposterous claims that they are a “cult” and include reassuring on site, guided interviews with several newly pledged OOA initiates. The Tension Experience : What Fear Aspires to Be.

You must be 18+ and have been selected in the Tension Experience Lottery

Scarela decayed brigade slider show haunts horror
SAT & SUN Starting at 11:45AM (SHOWFLOOR)

Decayed Brigade Horrific Slider Shows

LIVE PERFORMANCE : A ScareLA favorite: Representing haunted attractions throughout Southern California, the Decayed Brigade returns to ScareLA in an exhibition of skill, extreme physical stunts, and good old-fashioned haunt monster goodness. Watch their incredible feats of skills and scare as they showcase three times daily on the show floor. This is a show not to miss!

SAT, AUG 6: 11:45am – 1st show; 4:30pm – 2nd show; 6:00pm – 3rd show

SUN, AUG 7: 11:45am – 1st show; 4:00pm – 2nd show; 5:00pm – 3rd show
scarela convention halloween serial killer speed dating romance relationships murder mystery games
SAT, Aug 6: 12:30-2:30 And SUN, Aug 7: 12:00-2:00 + 3:30-5:30 (Hallway by Starbucks) SAT, Aug 6: 7-8pm at The Witching Hour costume party

Serial Killer Speed Dating

NETWORKING HORROR: Only at ScareLA this summer, Serial Killer Speed Dating creeps back for its second year of romance, mystery, and blood­soaked fun, as con attendees get the opportunity to meet and mingle with their fellow singles. But lurking among the daters are some serial killers looking for love…in all the wrong places! Come one, come all: Serial Killer Speed Dating will appear at ScareLA 2016 with two rounds, hetero dating on Saturday and LGBTQ dating on Sunday. Perhaps you walk out of ScareLA arm in arm with your new squeeze…or perhaps you never make it out alive! Face your fears and come try out Serial Killer Speed Dating.

RSVP to Reserve Your Spot >>

nilbog troll 2 scarela theater fringe
SAT, AUG 6 - 4:30; Sun, AUG 7 - 2:00 and 4:30 (Conference Center, Room #207)


LIVE SHOW : Welcome to NILBOG (that’s GOBLIN spelled backwards) presented by 2cents TheaterTroll 2, the BEST worst movie ever, is now a live interactive musical! NILBOG has all the attitude of Rocky Horror Picture Show with all the green blood you can handle – popcorn, silly string and outrageously scary humor.

Featuring a killer original soundtrack including We’re All Vegetarians in Nilbog, You Can’t Piss on Hospitality and Damn You Stonehenge, this wild new Best Worst Musical will have you screaming, OH MY GOOOOOOOOD!

ScareLA is proud to present NILBOG as a Fringe Extension partner. Showtimes during the convention are:

Saturday, Aug 6 –  4:30p
Sunday, Aug 7 – 2:30p
Sunday, Aug 7 – 5:00p
todd robbins play dead scarela halloween convention
SAT, Aug 6: 5:30-7:00 (Second Stage)

Dark Illusions & Even Darker Reality with Todd Robbins

SECOND STAGE : ONLY at ScareLA Todd Robbins presents Dark Illusions & Even Darker Reality: an unforgettable live experience with chillingly true stories and sinister illusions that will make you laugh, scream and lose your mind all at the same time.

scarela, todd robbins, play dead, off boradway, show, interactive, magic, immersiveTodd Robbins the host of Investigation Discovery’s True Nightmares and star of the haunting off-Broadway hit Play Dead (directed by Teller of Pen & Teller), brings an hour of his infamous trickery exclusively to ScareLA 2016.

ScareLA Saturday
SAT, AUG 6 7:00pm-2:00am (The Rose)

The Witching Hour : Saturday Night Costume Party

Join the Official ScareLA after party for a spooky good time:

Saturday, August 6th
7:00pm till 2:00am
at The Rose in Pasadena, across from the Convention Center

Summon the spirits of Halloween with us in August! This year our witch circle will be at our new state-of-the-art venue, The Rose – stocked with magic potions for all spell casting needs.
Start by mingling with monsters at our Serial Killer Social. As the lights go down, witness live zombie burlesque by the seductively rotten Post Mortem, followed by the ghoulish sounds of Monte Revolta. Finally raising the dead will be the SPAZMATICS and special guests!
To close out the night, our DJ will spin our favorite witchy tunes and monster mashes so get ready to throw all your dark spells in the cauldron!
21+ only, sorry mini-monsters.
Family Halloween Crafts Area
Enjoy All Weekend Long

Scare Family Crafts

ACTIVITY : Our Family Craft Area is a nice break from the convention for our younger guests to do something just for them and their family. We have staffed our Family Area with volunteers who are educators, who will be happy to help you with your crafts .Sit down with kids of all ages and create a scare memory of a lifetime in the ScareLA crafts area! Make and takes include:
Jack-o-lantern light up pin – A new science-based project with safe batteries and LED lights. Older kids will love this!
Make a Halloween mask or King/Queen crown – Have fun using color, stamps, stickers, and gems to make your own personal ScareLA Halloween  wearable fun.
Face painting – Get an instant Halloween face.
And of course… There will be lots of ScareLA and Halloween coloring pages to relax even the most scared minds. Enjoy!
scarela escape room countdown
Escape Room Experience

Escape Room : Countdown Live Escape Games

INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE : Countdown Live Escape Games is LA’s newest escape room, however, the challenge here isn’t getting in, it’s getting out. We’re taking immersive gaming to a whole new level. Our challenges transport you to another world that is more interactive than any video game or virtual reality experience. Work with your team against the clock to find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately escape from one of our rooms. Whatever your tastes might be, our rooms will cater to you, with our sci­fi Spaceship, horror Krampus killer and adventurous Tiki Palace. We pride ourselves on hosting the highest production value escape games in the area. Countdown brings two puzzle games to ScareLA, enjoy, oh and good luck!



INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE : Only at ScareLA : ALONE in conjunction with The Enola Foundation Presents: T H E M U S H I N O F T H E A S H E N D E E R C L A N:  a 50-minute, narrative-based listening experience wherein the participant will predominantly be inside their own mind or rather, attempt to claw back into it. A L O N E  is an ongoing, site-specific, fully-immersive and existential experience that explores self, subjectivity and human emotions. Presenting itself in a variety of configurations, A L O N E explores the complex folds of the human psyche and the skin wrapped around that psyche. You will move and be moved.

There is no both nor line, one must not go to the information desk nor seek instruction, simply search and locate the fountainhead––the starting point––and start at will thereafter. To participate one needs a smart phone with headphones and a devoted 50 minutes of time. ALONE and The Enola Foundation love you.
Max Black Sun

Mind-Reading with Max Black

INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE : Only at ScareLA : As seen on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Playboy Mansion and The Bellagio Hotel. Enjoy a personal, chillingly-accurate mind-reading session with intuitive oracle Max Black. See into your future. Change it while you can…

*All mindreading done with the consent of the sitter. Multiverse-theory always explained to the uninitiated

Dark Rides Project

The Dark Ride Project

VR EXPERIENCE : Only at ScareLA : Joel Zika is a digital artist who travels the world using 360 degree virtual reality cameras to document the world’s most historic haunted attraction dark rides. The Dark Rides Project has really captured the feeling of nostalgia, creativity and folk art ingenuity of these classic attractions for future generations. Joel is flying out from Australia to bring his VR Dark Rides to ScareLA so you can experience it in virtual reality for yourself!  We’re so proud to have this cutting edge virtual reality experience as a ScareLA EXCLUSIVE!

Phantom Finder Fans

Ghost Scavenger Hunt With Phantom Finder

MOBILE GAME : Only at ScareLA : The paranormal takes over ScareLA2016! Investigate the convention floor and vendor booths with ScareLA’s Phantom Finder Ghost Scavenger Hunt. A limited number of booths will be selected to house Augmented Reality Ghouls, Demons and Spirits to be revealed with the Free Phantom Finder Camera App. Earn ScareLA prizes, merchandise and Ghost Hunter bragging rights if you can find and record all the Phantoms throughout the Trade-show Floor. To participate, guests, download the Free Phantom Finder Camera App (from the Android and Apple App Stores), press the “Ghost Scavenger Hunt” button, and follow the hints to find each Ghost. Share the eerie paranormal activity with your friends on social media, email, or youtube in order to receive a hint for the next Phantom. The more ghosts you catch, the higher the chance to win one of Phantom Finder’s many prizes!